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Machine Pallet Wrap

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Strong & Durable:
Our Machine Pallet Wrap is 15/23 microns thick making its strong, durable and puncture resistant. Once the pallet wrap is stretched and wound around the package it is self-adhesion, so it clings to the surface of the item. Wrap it around 3 -4 times around your package or furniture to ensure it is secured from damage and ready for moving.

Tear & Puncture Resistant:
This anti tear and puncture resistant stretch wrap can be stretched tightly around furniture and other household goods and cover them perfectly. This high-quality wrap can be used to pack any item – big or small, delicate or sturdy – so you can be assured that they remain secure, clean and intact.

Water Resistant:
Water and moisture resistant anti tear strong wrap cling film that will protect any item that you wrap it with – be it furniture or any package – so your package is damage proof and safe. This machine pallet wrap makes it easy to keep your items secure and clean during relocation or moving so you don’t have to take extra pains. Just use this machine pallet wrap and your items will remain secure, clean and damage proof

Stretch percentage of 15%:
Easy to use stretch wrap that conceals your packages completely and lasts longer. Even if the items or tools that you want to pack are shaped awkwardly, you can use this machine pallet wrap to ensure that your item is wrapped securely.

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BHL Packaging




1600m x 23 microns, 2100m x 15 microns



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