Order and Payment

a) Continuous Ordering:

Acquiring products from BHL Packaging is a seamless process that remains accessible 24/7, all days of the week! Both regular and business patrons can engage with us.

All items within our range are showcased on our website. Customers have the ability to select desired products by specifying the correct dimensions and completing the preferred delivery information.

Once customers have compiled their chosen products in the virtual shopping cart, they can finalize the purchase. After furnishing their particulars (or logging in), customers simply need to agree to the terms and conditions, following which they can securely execute the payment for the order. Subsequently, we will keep them well-informed about their order’s status.

b) Purchasers’ User Profile:

Creating an account is optional. Clients can place orders without an account and input their information during the checkout process. Alternatively, they can opt to establish a personal account for future use.

Subsequent orders will not necessitate re-entering personal data; logging into their account suffices. Customers will also have access to their order history. For our corporate clients, we kindly request that they provide the company name and corresponding VAT number when inputting invoice and/or delivery particulars.

c) Secure Payment Methods:

Customers can effortlessly and securely settle payments via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. After completing the order, customers will be directed to their bank’s website to conclude the payment process. Upon completion, customers will return to the BHL Packaging website and receive order confirmation via email or text message.

Regarding payments through Barclays (prepaid), when selecting “Pay Beforehands,” the invoicing procedure is managed by Barclays on our behalf. Customers can prepay for their order before receiving it and making a decision. In such cases, an invoice will be issued by Barclays with a designated payment timeframe. Conducting prepayments with Barclays bank is both secure and convenient. Customers can find the payment details for their purchase on the account statement received from Barclays bank.

d) Payment Confirmation, Communication, and Invoicing:

Following the placement of an order with Pay Beforehands, customers will instantly receive an invoice from the website.

It’s important to note that the payment confirmation might land in their spam or junk folder.

For customers placing substantial orders, the option to proceed via invoice is available.

Alternatively, customers can directly contact us using the provided contract number on the website.

e) Payment Service Provider:

BHL Packaging employs Barclays Bank as the trusted intermediary for secure transactions on our website.