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Shipping and Tracking 

Exclusively catering to deliveries within the confines of the United Kingdom, our shipping scope is limited. Should you seek shipping services to alternative destinations, we kindly urge you to establish contact with us prior to initiating an order.

The processing of all orders takes place promptly, with shipment commencing within a single day of payment finalization. Shipments within the UK enjoy the perk of being fee-exempt, and an approximate transit duration of 1 to 2 days is anticipated.

Leveraging the services of Royal Mail for dispatch, our customers are bestowed with the ability to monitor the progress of their consignments through the provision of a unique Royal Mail tracking identifier.

The system autonomously generates the tracking code for each product, and a notification will be issued once our courier takes custody of the shipment.

Upon the placement of an order, customers will receive a digital confirmation of their transaction. Furthermore, an electronic intimation of the dispatched shipment will also be conveyed upon its commencement.

We take meticulous care to furnish accurate tracking specifics. The tracking code furnished must align with the delivery location stipulated in the listing. It’s imperative to note that the item’s status will be updated to “dispatched” once it embarks on its journey.

For destinations outside the UK, we kindly request potential patrons to establish contact prior to confirming their order.


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